Wedding venues in TN: How to choose the best fit for you

Choosing the perfect wedding venue can be one of the most challenging decisions you will make. There are so many things to consider, and not all wedding venues in TN are created equal!

It’s important to ask yourself what matters most and prioritize that.

When you do, the venue search will go much more smoothly. It can be hard to narrow down your choices, especially when there are so many options out there- don’t worry, we’re here to help with a few tips for wedding venues in TN.

1. Narrow down your venue search by location.

Consider how close the wedding venue is to where your guests are coming from. Picking a venue in Tennessee can save money on travel and lodging costs! If you’re hosting your wedding in downtown Nashville, hotels often cost more and have less availability. There’s also traffic and parking to consider – just more variables to your already busy wedding planning!

Here’s the biggest issue with downtown/metropolitan wedding ceremonies.

Having your guests staying away from the venue also creates some more planning, including transportation options. If your guests stay off-site, they can arrive late to your wedding due to traffic or parking and disrupt your ceremony. Another possibility is that they can decide to drive under the influence back to their accommodations, which is not great and can end in a bad experience for your wedding.

You don’t have to search for wedding venues near major cities

Also, if you’re looking for wedding venues in TN, don’t harp on picking a location near the major cities: Nashville TN, Memphis TN, and Knoxville TN. Consider choosing something off the beaten path and away from the crowds.

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to search in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Many wedding couples search for wedding venues in TN by looking at these cities and venues in the Great Smoky Mountains but entirely forget about western Tennessee.

Here’s the other issue with Tennessee wedding venues in popular tourist destinations.

The Great Smoky Mountains are sure to be one of the most popular wedding destinations. But the truth is, this location is often entirely crowded during the wedding season. That takes a bit away from the allure of escaping to the mountains and enjoying nature.

Hotel rooms skyrocket for your guests during peak season, and the highway gets very congested. Crowds of people will flock to all the nearby attractions, taking away from the secluded allure that you deserve for your wedding.

Sandy Creek is a Tennessee wedding venue located in western Tennessee in the town of Springville, TN. Our Tennessee wedding venue offers over six ceremony and reception locations as well as overnight accommodations on 430+ acres.

Our Tennessee wedding venue is a short drive from Nashville TN and Memphis TN.

Many wedding couples pick us as their perfect venue because it’s not too far away from their home and where their guests live, but just far away enough to give you the feeling of having a peaceful getaway.

Many of our wedding couples live in the outskirts of Nashville or downtown Nashville and are searching for Tennessee wedding venues, but are entirely focused on Nashville.

When they find our venue, they typically take a virtual tour before driving here. If you’re coming from the outskirts of Nashville or downtown Nashville, you can make your venue tour at Sandy Creek an easy day trip. Most of our wedding couples take a virtual tour before they commit to the in-person tour.

Our wedding venue is situated on 430 beautiful acres, with endless opportunities to create beautiful memories and give you and your guests space to roam and explore. Want to hike with your bridal party or ride ATVs? Have a catered rehearsal dinner? We can make it all happen here. We have plenty of unique outdoor wedding venues, from our private Island to pine forests. Our wedding packages range from DIY to all the bells and whistles.

2. How to narrow down venues using catering options.

Do you want a wedding venue that will provide your wedding party food, or are you planning on using catering or an outside vendor? Consider what style your wedding is and what vibe you want to help you pick your catering style.

And how much do you want to spend on the catering? Do you want to go with pre-set catering choices at a venue or have the option to customize your menu? The first option is more convenient, but the second option is more personal and unique.

Some wedding venues in TN charge you for off-site catering. Even worse, some venues don’t have an onsite prep kitchen, so you’ll have to fork out hundreds or thousands extra to keep your food at the right temperature at your venue.

P.S. Sandy Creek lets you choose your vendors, including catering, has an onsite kitchen, and we don’t have hidden fees or unwanted surprises! When you do your planning or work with a wedding planner, at Sandy Creek, you can work with any licensed and insured caterer to bring your culinary dreams to life.

3. How to narrow down venues according to your budget.

How much can you spend on the event venue? There is such a wide range of prices and options available, so ask yourself what’s most important to you when deciding this. You’ll spend the majority of your budget on your venue and catering, and most couples have no idea what they should pay or how to compare Nashville wedding venues.

Make sure you know what the total cost will be upfront before you sign any contract or paperwork. The last thing you want is a venue that charges a low rental fee but makes all their money selling alcohol to your guests.

Guess what? We have all of our pricing upfront – no secrets! Take a look here:

Our advice? Compare all the venues you’re looking at and what they have to offer. If one offers something the other doesn’t or you have a question about hidden fees, contracts, or more, ask them. If they are shy to answer or don’t have a definitive answer, don’t work with that venue! Hiring a wedding planner is also a fantastic way to help you pick your dream venue and know this information upfront, cause they’ve already done all the legwork.

4. How to narrow down your budget according to your guest count.

How many guests will the wedding venue accommodate? Remember, more space means a higher price tag, and if your guest list is below that number, it might not be worth paying for an extra room.

What size wedding venue do you need? There are venues for as few as 20 people up to 1000+. What arrangement does your party have – banquet or reception style tables, round tables, high tops?

Most venues can accommodate a small number of guests. But if you have a large number of guests, you’ll want to start your venue search even earlier than you think you need to.

5. How to narrow down your wedding venue according to amenities and inclusions you can’t live without.

What’s important to you? Maybe you want a charming wedding venue with a woodland ceremony and a rustic indoor reception – or a country wedding venue that offers a bridal suite and intimate wedding decor items onsite. Perhaps you’re looking for onsite accommodations or a venue that provides activities for your wedding guests. P.S. we offer all of this!

Whatever is most important to you, list those items and use them to vet and narrow your venue search. Knowing what the venue offers is key to having a successful wedding. Some venues loop their amenities and inclusions into their wedding packages to give you a better deal.

Our venue offers:

  • 430+ acres with manicured forests, natural beauty, extensive landscaping with outdoor fun and sculptures, and hiking trails
  • Numerous indoor and outdoor reception/ceremony options
  • Overnight accommodations, including a pet-friendly compound
  • Private island featuring a natural stone pavilion and seating area, underwater lighting & a lake fountain
  • Single-day or multi-day packages and pricing (from an intimate wedding to a huge wedding)
  • Bridal suite/grooms room (ready rooms)
  • Onsite gym, guest laundries, and kitchen, and watercraft rentals
  • Tables, chairs, lighting, sound system, setup & cleanup are included
  • Unlimited beautiful photography opportunities
  • Botanical gardens and a greenhouse
  • Onsite parking for you & your guests

6. How to narrow down your budget according to wedding photography needs.

Your wedding photos will be the most important keepsake from your day. Ensure you can capture the photos that make up these memories at your venue by taking a tour or viewing pictures online beforehand.

At our private estate, we have 430 acres with endless photo opportunities for you to choose from. Often when you pick a Nashville wedding venue, you’re stuck with the same photos that all your other friends have from their weddings. You want unique wedding photos, right? So be sure to consider this when looking at wedding venues in TN.

Here’s another thought: if you have to have photos at that beautiful barn, historic church, Cumberland River, or bell tower, take your engagement photos there!

7. How to narrow down your venue search according to your wedding date and the season.

The time of year and weather will greatly impact your wedding. Your wedding vibe and style will be impacted, depending on if you choose a spring, summer, fall, or winter wedding in Tennessee. For example, a Fall wedding in Tennessee offers cooler temperatures and beautiful colors.

Having a winter wedding in Tennessee

The winter weather in Tennessee is not typically that harsh. The coldest months are January and February with average lows in the 20s or 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is still a chance for snowfall during these months. Tennessee wedding venues have to be prepared just as any venue would need to prepare when it comes to winter weather conditions such as ice on walkways and entrances.

So when you’re searching for spaces for your big day and thinking about having a winter wedding, be sure to ask how they handle inclement weather.

It is also worth noting that there are some outdoor event spaces in Tennessee that are generally not open during the winter months. This means the wedding planning process will have to take into account how a wedding venue would be rented and what arrangements need to happen before you can book it for your wedding day.

Winter wedding flowers: In the winter months, wedding florists may have to source their flowers from further away and if you want specific flowers, they might not be available.

Some Nashville wedding venues will provide artificial plants for a winter wedding; however, there are many who prefer real greenery as an addition to any venue’s décor.

Winter wedding attire: Along with keeping warm, you should keep yourself bundled up when it comes to winter weddings because of how cold they can be. You may want to consider wearing long sleeves or even gloves if possible.

Having a Spring wedding in Tennessee

Springtime in Tennessee is a beautiful time to have your wedding. The trees are in full bloom, the flowers are blooming and wedding colors seem to pop. The Spring weather in Tennessee is usually mild, with a possibility of some rain.

Spring wedding flowers: Spring wedding flowers are usually bright and colorful. Popular colors for spring weddings include yellow, white, pink, purple, or blue.

Wedding favors: A wedding favor that is appropriate for Springtime in Tennessee might be honeycomb candy (yellow), beeswax candles with a floral scent (white), or lavender chocolates.

Spring Tennessee wedding venue: The wedding ceremony could be held outdoors at a gorgeous event space! The reception hall might have windows that look out on green trees and flowers, which would make for beautiful photos.

Spring wedding dress: A Spring wedding dress should be light enough to wear outside and not get too hot. It could be a wedding dress with sleeves and flowers or lace.

Having a Fall wedding in Tennessee

The Fall weather in Tennessee will make for a gorgeous, crisp wedding. Fall venues in Tennessee are perfect for those who want to get married outside but worry about the humidity levels.

Fall wedding flowers: There is no shortage of vibrant, beautiful fall foliage that one can choose from when it comes to wedding flowers—maple leaves and ivy vines being a few examples. Add some oranges and reds into your color scheme to complement the outdoors.

Fall wedding spaces: The rustic charm of a barn wedding, the warm comfort of a cabin wedding, or the luxurious elegance of an outdoor wedding pavilion.

Fall wedding food: Serving hearty dishes like roasted butternut squash and cornbread chicken chili will keep guests full through dancing.

Having a Summer wedding in Tennessee

The summer weather in Tennessee can be unforgiving. In Nashville, temperatures reach up to the nineties and are accompanied by high humidity. This means that wedding festivities that are outside may make all your guests feel hot and sticky!

On a more positive note, there’s plenty of sunshine in Tennessee during the summer months! Make plans for an indoor and outdoor wedding – an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception hall.

Summer wedding flowers: Pansies, daisies, ranunculus, and roses are some of the most popular wedding flowers in Tennessee

Summer wedding colors: bright reds and oranges to complement the vibrant summer blooms. The wedding color palette can be made to match your wedding theme or simply complement your venue.

Summer wedding dress: wedding dresses for the summer wedding should be light, breezy, and easy to move around in.

One of the most popular wedding dress styles is a wedding gown made from chiffon or silk that flows elegantly on your body.

8. How to narrow down your search according to your style and taste.

If you want to get the most out of your wedding day, it is important that you narrow down a few different styles. The style should be determined by what matters most to you and your partner as well as what will make for an eventful experience. And there are many Nashville wedding venues with various outdoor environments perfect for any celebration!

Types of venues in Tennessee

There are many different types of wedding facilities and areas to consider when narrowing down your search for wedding venues in TN – such as mansions, rustic weddings, country clubs, downtowns, farms.

Specific examples

For instance, if you’re really into casual weddings with a touch of southern charm, then a rustic/ranch/ wedding venue would suit your needs well whereas those who love wine tasting deciding on a vineyard wedding site instead.

Likewise for couples that want an elegant banquet hall experience we recommend considering one of these wedding halls too! The most important thing is finding what best suits both yourselves and whoever will come along to celebrate this day with you; so no matter which way round it feels like everything is going according to plan!

For example, downtown event space wedding venues in downtown areas are a great wedding venue option for those couples who want to find a space that is close to the country music city and wants an industrial vibe instead of a rustic, relaxed vibe.

Style, elements, and vibes

Elements like natural light, southern charm, an elegant barn, vibes, landscaped outdoor spaces, and a bridal suite/ready room will all affect your decision-making when searching for Tennessee venues.

If your celebration is going to be formal or has many different elements that require space, it might be helpful to look at rustic venue spaces. You’ll need somewhere where all of your loved ones can fit!

What wedding venue is perfect for your wedding? Only you know the answer to that! Wedding venues in Tennessee offer a variety of different features and views, so it can be hard to find the one that’s just right.


Venues with unique architecture are always interesting and could make an excellent backdrop on the wedding day, such as a historic mansion. Plus, many offer gorgeous views: waterfalls or rolling hills.

These venues provide really fresh perspectives as well – maybe even overlooking a bell tower. But if you’re looking for something specific like a bell tower or elegant chandeliers, you might reach out to a wedding planner.

At Sandy Creek, we have a gorgeous private Island where many wedding couples opt to have their ceremony.

The Great Outdoors

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, some considerations are the lighting, areas of use, views, and ceremony event spaces. An outdoor space with fresh air and natural light makes for amazing wedding photos, and many wedding venues offer outdoor spaces for your ceremony. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, doing so in an outdoor space is also a great addition to your wedding.

Natural features

Rivers, ponds, lakes, rolling hills, mountains, and more! Many Tennessee wedding venues offer these gorgeous natural features.

Some wedding venues may offer such features as hiking trails, yard games, bike paths, pools, and more.

Bond with your guests in nature

If you’re searching for wedding venues near a forest or woods–you’ll find these at many Tennessee wedding locations! With miles of wide-open spaces on an entire property to explore with your guests, what could be better?

The best thing about outdoor wedding locations is that they make you feel closer to nature. Outdoor weddings provide the perfect setting for any bride who wants an earthy and natural event.

Most Tennessee wedding venues will have both types (indoor/outdoor), so it’s worth asking questions during your initial call with them just to see where most of their events take place.

Your happiness matters most

Your big day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a time to celebrate with those closest to you and create lifelong memories that will last for years.

Good luck in your search!

Many factors go into choosing the perfect venue, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming! We hope this blog post has helped provide some guidance on what makes up an ideal location in Tennessee so you can focus more clearly on what matters most – finding happiness.

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