Searching for Music City & Nashville Wedding Venues?

Whether you’re looking in downtown Nashville or elsewhere, here’s how to pick the best for you.

Are the best reception venues in Nashville?

Nashville AKA Music City has country music in its soul. There are many people who visit Nashville and then stay for the rest of their life! That makes Nashville really big because it is the capital of Tennessee. The city will always be known for country music, but it’s more than that now.

Big companies are coming to Nashville. Boutique hotels, honky-tonks, and people from all over the country are living here. You can have a wedding in one of the biggest cities in the country if you want, even if you don’t live here!

There are so many amazing reception locations in Nashville, and all across middle Tennessee. There are probably so many that it’s overwhelming to look at!

Wedding couples from Nashville, TN are often overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Deciding where to have a wedding is hard. You will want to pick a place that is good for your guests and also somewhere that you really like. If you don’t know many places, then you can look on the internet or ask someone who knows the city better than you do.

Nashville is full of wedding venues. Some are traditional, but some are also funky. For those who want some southern charm, some choose to have their weddings at a rustic barn.

If you’re coming from downtown Nashville or the outskirts, don’t worry. Sandy Creek Farms has all of the services available right here in the gorgeous countryside, whether you want a more modern ambiance or a laid-back rustic atmosphere.

Weddings may be held in barns, which is a popular option.

These areas offer a lot of interesting features, including rustic beauty and the ability to have fun both indoors and outside. Nashville also has a variety of event spaces ranging in size and price, but they will all create unforgettable memories. If you want a more conventional wedding, consider using hotels as your venue.

Do you want to find wedding venues outside of Nashville?

Take a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Centennial Park, Opryland Hotel, and downtown Nashville in the Spring or during the Christmas season to get a taste of how fun your wedding can be in Music City.

There are many Nashville suburb areas that have gorgeous wedding venues.

If you want a big city wedding but don’t want to spend too much money, go to Franklin, Tennessee. It is only 20 miles away from Nashville and has beautiful historic buildings.

Brentwood, TN is another suburb of Nashville TN, only 10 miles away. There are plenty of restaurants and shops there.

Nolensville, TN is a small, charming town that is a great place to go if you want a more relaxed wedding.

If you are looking for a destination spot, then consider going down south of Nashville – to Lebanon, TN, or White House, TN.

We offer you and your guests a beautiful, rustic space to get married in, with plenty of room for dancing and other outdoor activities.

We are one of the newest and most prominent Tennessee wedding locations, embodying the natural beauty of West Tennessee as well as the comfortable elegance that you deserve for your wedding or special event.

Our dream was to build a wedding venue unlike any other.

Over a decade ago, our desire to build one of the most beautiful Tennessee wedding locations began with the purchase of 400 acres of gorgeous rolling countryside. Since then, we’ve carefully expanded our property to include six lodge rooms and over six ceremony sites, including our renowned private island.

The paradise-like setting of our Springville, Tennessee wedding venue includes vast outdoor areas and exquisite indoor spaces with multiple ceremony and reception sites, elegantly furnished bridal and grooms suites, and cutting-edge overnight accommodations.

Allow the panoramic views of nature, warm hospitality, and beautiful interior spaces to provide the setting for your ideal wedding.

Sandy Creek spans 400 acres of beautiful rolling hills, lakes, streams, and pine forests, offering plenty to explore and do. We take pleasure in keeping our event activities with the property’s magnificent natural beauty in balance. To complement the indigenous ecosystem, structures and vegetation have been installed to blend in.

On the property, we have over 10 miles of walking and hiking trails and gravel roads. While you’re out for a stroll, you may notice that the region is full of amazing wildlife to look at. Trails range from flat and smooth to hilly and marshy. To assist you to cross water and marshes, there are bridges and boardwalks.

We offer fishing, kayaking, and paddle boating.

Since 2010, our private lake has been home to bass, bream, and catfish. You are welcome to fish throughout the lake or on its shores while staying with us. We also provide paddle boats and canoes for you and your visitors to use.

Your wedding day…or wedding weekend!

Choose from six gorgeous wedding locations for your wedding ceremony and reception on your big day. For your stay, you and your wedding party may utilize one of our six overnight accommodations. The Bungalows are popular choices among our weddings, as well as the bridal suite and groom’s room. Wedding packages range from elopements to multi-day usage.

Our private island wedding ceremony spot is couples favorite.

Our island is a fantastic place for an outdoor ceremony, and many of our couples pick it as their wedding location because it provides such a one-of-a-kind environment.

You may have your ceremony on the island and reception at one of our indoor facilities.

If you enjoy a wide-open floor plan with lots of natural light, the Pavilion is ideal for you. If your ideal wedding venue for your reception has a sophisticated rustic ambiance and a renovated horse stable with hardwood floors and exposed timbers, the Stables, our multilevel reception barn, is the place to be.

Even if you don’t hire a wedding planner to assist with your wedding planning, you’ll still have an on-site wedding coordinator to assist you with your big day. We have a robust caterer’s kitchen and hots insured vendors.

Make sure you know the weather in Nashville for your wedding date/season.

Nashville TN usually has very nice weather. It is usually warm in the spring and autumn, with some sparse thunderstorms.

During the winter months, it can be very cold, but usually not for long. Nashville usually gets some snow each year. Summer is hot and humid.

If you are planning on getting married during this time, you will want to find an indoor barn space or venue or hold your event in the evening outside because of how hot it usually is during the day.

Top Nashville Wedding Venue FAQs

Where can I find small Nashville wedding venues?

A great way to save money on your Nashville TN wedding is to keep your guest list short and search out smaller venues. Great venues for hosting an intimate wedding include a restaurant, a historic inn, or one of Nashville’s famous honky-tonks. However, most event space options, local wedding venues, and wedding venues in Nashville now cater to smaller weddings and elopements.

How can I find places for outdoor weddings in Nashville?

If you want to have your wedding outside, look for a place with an outdoor space. Most of the barn weddings have outdoor spaces, and so do country clubs.

You can look for weddings in your area with Google. You can do this today and start planning your wedding day!

Here are some tips for selecting your dream Nashville TN wedding venue.

If you are looking for the perfect place to host your wedding in Tennessee, there are many versatile event spaces and wedding venues in Nashville that could be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking in downtown Nashville or all across Tennessee, you won’t be short of options.

Once you decide on a location (or a few), you can do site tours or find website information with details about wedding venues in middle Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee. Many flexible event space options in Nashville now offer all-inclusive wedding packages.

See what the venue offers by reaching out to better understand what you’re getting. Pricing isn’t everything as some venues offer a lower price, but tack on fees later that add up!

Whether you’re having a wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower at your wedding location, you’ll have a variety of alternatives to choose from.

In Nashville, some of the most spectacular wedding celebrations have been held in a grand ballroom, banquet halls, and other event venue options that are conveniently located near the city center.

Was an island wedding (such as Sandy Creek Farms) on your radar? Probably not! Many brides come from across the country to host destination weddings at Sandy Creek Farms.

There are so many beautiful venue styles to choose from, so it’s not easy to decide!

Budget and capacity are two key factors to consider when selecting Tennessee wedding locations. You’ll want to make sure your wedding location has enough area for the number of guests you expect.

A wedding reception space can hold up to 500 people, while some can accommodate only a hundred guests. If you’re not careful, Nashville wedding venues may be extremely costly.

Consider alternative locations in Tennessee that allow outside vendors, such as bartending services, so you may manage how much money you spend on specific aspects of your wedding. Psst…Sandy Creek Farms is BYO vendors!

Don’t limit your venue search to terms or phrases.

How to have an unforgettable wedding reception/ceremony with a perfect backdrop

Our best advice is to look for wedding venues or an event center online that have virtual tours so that you can see for yourself before you get your heart set on a venue that has limited photos or virtual tours, but rants and raves about their features.

The Bridge Building Event Spaces (near downtown Nashville on the newly redeveloped riverfront) is a sought-after wedding venue option. Do you want to host your wedding at a wedding venue such as the Bridge Building where many other weddings have taken place, including possibly your friends? If so, this may be an easy option for you.

The Hermitage Hotel, Bell Tower, or Nashville City Club are both more classic options for a unique venue. A museum Nashville may be an interesting wedding venue option for memorable celebrations and wedding ceremonies, but the space is more ideally suited for just that, a museum, not a wedding. Some of these spaces are better suited for corporate events or other private events.

Tennessee’s capital city has no shortage of venues.

Many wedding venue directories online list “features” that you can select.

Some brides limit their search to terms such as floor to ceiling windows, natural light, outdoor patio, sound system, or furnished loft.

Tennessee’s capital city has no shortage of venues.

Many wedding venue directories online list “features” that you can select.

Some more historic terms include historic mansion, historic building, historic church, historic venue, historic landmark, or even bell tower.

Some features include the venue type itself, such as modern venue, indoor venues, art gallery or art museum, private estate, elegant barn or grand barn, all-inclusive venue,

Some features include the venue type itself, such as modern venue, indoor venues, art gallery or art museum, private estate, elegant barn or grand barn, all-inclusive venue,

Some features include the type of event this venue can host such as bridal showers, engagement parties, outdoor events, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and other venue options.

Here’s the biggest issue with downtown/metropolitan wedding ceremonies.

Having your guests staying away from the venue also creates some more planning, including transportation options. If your guests stay off-site, they can arrive late to your wedding due to traffic or parking and disrupt your ceremony. Another possibility is that they can decide to drive under the influence back to their accommodations, which is not great and can end in a bad experience for your wedding.

Here are some more types of venues in Tennessee.

There are many different types of wedding facilities and areas to consider when narrowing down your search for wedding venues in TN – such as mansions, rustic weddings, country clubs, downtowns, farms.

Specific examples

For instance, if you’re really into casual weddings with a touch of southern charm, then a rustic/ranch/ venue would suit your needs well whereas those who love wine tasting deciding on a vineyard wedding site instead.

Likewise for couples that want an elegant banquet hall experience we recommend considering one of these wedding halls too!

The most important thing is finding what best suits both yourselves and whoever will come along to celebrate this day with you; so no matter which way round it feels like everything is going according to plan!

For example, downtown event space wedding venues in downtown areas are a great venue option for those couples who want to find a space that is close to the Country Music Capital and wants an industrial vibe instead of a rustic, relaxed vibe.

Consider your style, elements, and vibes.

Elements like natural light, southern charm, an elegant barn, vibes, landscaped outdoor spaces, and a bridal suite/ready room will all affect your decision-making when searching for Tennessee venues.

If your celebration is going to be formal or has many different elements that require space, it might be helpful to look at rustic venue spaces. You’ll need somewhere where all of your loved ones can fit!

Consider how the architecture affects your style and desired ambiance.

Venues with unique architecture are always interesting and could make an excellent backdrop on the wedding day, such as a historic mansion. Plus, many offer gorgeous views: waterfalls or rolling hills.

These venues provide really fresh perspectives as well – maybe even overlooking a bell tower. But if you’re looking for something specific like a bell tower or elegant chandeliers, you might reach out to a wedding planner.

At Sandy Creek, we have a gorgeous private Island where many wedding couples opt to have their ceremony.

Do you want fresh air, or would you prefer something more industrial?

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, some considerations are the lighting, areas of use, views, and ceremony event spaces. An outdoor space with fresh air and natural light makes for amazing wedding photos, and many wedding venues offer outdoor spaces for your ceremony. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, doing so in an outdoor space is also a great addition to your wedding.

Do you want natural features to be a part of your wedding photos?

Rivers, ponds, lakes, rolling hills, mountains, and more! Many Tennessee wedding venues offer these gorgeous natural features.

Some wedding venues may offer such features as hiking trails, yard games, bike paths, pools, and more.

Do you want to bond with your wedding guests in nature?

If you’re searching for wedding venues near a forest or woods–you’ll find these at many Tennessee wedding locations! With miles of wide-open spaces on an entire property to explore with your guests, what could be better?

The best thing about outdoor wedding locations is that they make you feel closer to nature. Outdoor weddings provide the perfect setting for any bride who wants an earthy and natural event.

Most Tennessee wedding venues will have both types (indoor/outdoor), so it’s worth asking questions during your initial call with them just to see where most of their events take place.

Considerations for a summer wedding in Tennessee.

The summer weather in Tennessee can be unforgiving. In Nashville, temperatures reach up to the nineties and are accompanied by high humidity. This means that wedding festivities that are outside may make all your guests feel hot and sticky!

On a more positive note, there’s plenty of sunshine in Tennessee during the summer months! Make plans for an indoor and outdoor wedding – an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception hall.

Summer wedding flowers: Pansies, daisies, ranunculus, and roses are some of the most popular wedding flowers in Tennessee

Summer wedding colors: bright reds and oranges to compliment the vibrant summer blooms. The wedding color palette can be made to match your wedding theme or simply complement your venue.

Summer wedding dress: wedding dresses for the summer wedding should be light, breezy, and easy to move around in.

One of the most popular wedding dress styles is a wedding gown made from chiffon or silk that flows elegantly on your body.

Considerations for a Fall wedding in Tennessee.

The Fall weather in Tennessee will make for a gorgeous, crisp wedding. Fall venues in Tennessee are perfect for those who want to

get married outside but worry about the humidity levels.

Fall wedding flowers: There is no shortage of vibrant, beautiful fall foliage that one can choose from when it comes to wedding flowers—maple leaves and ivy vines being a few examples. Add some oranges and reds into your color scheme to complement the outdoors.

Fall wedding spaces: The rustic charm of a barn wedding, the warm comfort of a cabin wedding, or the luxurious elegance of an outdoor wedding pavilion.

Fall wedding food: Serving hearty dishes like roasted butternut squash and cornbread chicken chili will keep guests full through dancing.

Considerations for a Spring wedding in Tennessee.

Springtime in Tennessee is a beautiful time to have your wedding. The trees are in full bloom, the flowers are blooming and wedding colors seem to pop. The Spring weather in Tennessee is usually mild, with a possibility of some rain.

Spring wedding flowers: Spring wedding flowers are usually bright and colorful. Popular colors for spring weddings include yellow, white, pink, purple, or blue.

Wedding favors: A wedding favor that is appropriate for Springtime in Tennessee might be honeycomb candy (yellow), beeswax candles with a floral scent (white), or lavender chocolates.

Spring Tennessee wedding venue: The wedding ceremony could be held outdoors at a gorgeous event space! The reception hall might have windows that look out on green trees and flowers, which would make for beautiful photos.

Spring wedding dress: A Spring wedding dress should be light enough to wear outside and not get too hot. It could be a wedding dress with sleeves and flowers or lace.

Considerations for a winter wedding in Tennessee.

The winter weather in Tennessee is not typically that harsh. The coldest months are January and February with average lows in the 20s or 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is still a chance for snowfall during these months. Tennessee wedding venues have to be prepared just as any venue would need to prepare when it comes to winter weather conditions such as ice on walkways and entrances.

So when you’re searching for spaces for your big day and thinking about having a winter wedding, be sure to ask how they handle inclement weather.

Winter wedding flowers: In the winter months, wedding florists may have to source their flowers from further away and if you want specific flowers, they might not be available.

Winter wedding attire: Along with keeping warm, you should keep yourself bundled up when it comes to winter weddings because of how cold they can be. You may want to consider wearing long sleeves or even gloves if possible.

We hope this helps you narrow down your wedding venue search. Best of luck :)

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